viernes, 3 de diciembre de 2010

Thanks to My Readers, We arrived at Twenty Thousand (20,000)

Dear Friends, with pride and satisfaction that comes of having met, let me inform you that our dear "BLOG" up to the amount of: TWENTY THOUSAND PLAYERS (20,000), it is easy to pronounce but you really have to go field, obviously this happens thank you all because I have motivated enough to continue writing about the wonderful game of Mind called "THE DOMINO" where it is worth saying, that we all believe the owners of the truth. I also noted that from the 20/03/1910 where we arrive at the amount of Ten Thousand (10,000) readers to date, we have achieved in just (8) Eight months turn this beautiful figure, reaching the amount of Twenty Thousand (20,000 ) international readership clearly filled with pride and satisfaction, but above all motivation to continue by addressing each of you through this wonderful platform of the Internet.

When I took the initiative and started writing about this game, I did it all the time in the light of clearly established criteria and valid concepts to improve the quality of play of the practitioners, at no time was to teach them to play dominoes, but just try strengthen and improve the quality of play of each of you and always in a practical manner and especially in the most transparent possible, and also decided to inform them unless comments and anecdotes of National and International Domino.

Also I have had since the beginning of my writing, that this wonderful game of the mind is fully "decoupled" because it confronts us not only against two opposites, but also sometimes with our own teammate, well this comment is valid and all without than we have experienced.

But then I would point out the names of the countries that have read my pages, warning it could only compute from May 2009 to date, and unfortunately do not know how to access the information for the year 2008, but still ways by a thousand thanks, and then describes the names of sixty (60) Five countries (05) Continents that to date have visited these pages, I have introduced alphabetically and by ten in order to facilitate the identification of each these countries:

Alemania, Antillas Neerlandesas, Argelia, Argentina, Armenia, Aruba, Australia, Barbados, Bahamas, Bélgica.

Bolivia, Brasil, Canadá, Chile, Colombia, Corea del Sur, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dinamarca, Ecuador.

El Salvador, Emiratos Árabes Unidos, España, Estados Unidos, Francia, Guatemala, Georgia, Honduras, Hungría, India.

Indonesia, Irlanda, Islandia, Israel, Italia, Jamaica, Japón, Kuwait, Marruecos, México.

Nicaragua, Nigeria, Noruega, Países Bajos, Panamá, Paraguay, Perú, Polonia, Portugal, Puerto, Rico.

Reino Unido, República Dominicana, Rumania, Rusia, Sudáfrica, Suiza, Trinidad Tobago, Unión Europea, Uruguay y Venezuela.

Thanks Again thank you very much for sharing the reading in each of my writings, which try to improve where possible and always within my powers to Dominocistas and again, with the sole intention of improving the quality of play of each of you and trying to eradicate the game "DIRTY" which does not teach us anything, which leaves us no satisfaction of any kind, I think that is the one adhered to the crime, I really deplore the Seine in the game of dominoes, as You can see every time I mention the "flagship" is to censure these aberrant mastered, you will excuse me, but it really bothers me and foul play advantage.

Finally, I invite you cordially whenever they want, to participate and talk about the concepts put forward in this "BLOG" by way of exchanging ideas whose interest this is closely connected with this game you get older and increasingly more captivating in this sense then I describe the directions of the post where you can write: RIOSWY@YAHOO.COM and RIOSWY@GMAIL.COM.

Until the next installment, where I will continue updating this wonderful valid concepts of Mind Game and Domino News National and International (With Friends).

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