lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011

Dominoes continues Venezuelan History

The Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", continue to make history in their quest of expanding the Domino Venezuela, in just four months of current financial management, we have achieved tangible facts remain for posterity, such as: The Schedule Venezuela, the concentration of pre Athletes Selected for the Venezuelan National Team in both sexes, and finally the first regional games, making Venezuelan geography divide into three main regions (Central, East and West), so we must consider the effort to achieve again including the "National Games", a fact that was totally into a lethargy from about four (04) years.

As you will see these changes and new goals is the result of progress in development, the desire to always give their best efforts in achieving major changes that result in the Domino Venezuelan and Athletes (Younger and Older Men and Women) without distinction of any kind, always calling for harmony and work without waiting for nature, with the effort of men and women who wanted to bring the best of his feeling for this wonderful game called Mind DOMINO.

From this webpage dear, my most sincere congratulations to the Board of Directors of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", especially its President (Efrain Velasquez) and Treasurer (Enrique Paiva), the latter, which share features with the National Technical Commission of Dominica, where we have had to share together with our dear friend Willy Bherenz, many vicissitudes and bad times, but always aimed with reason and dignity used to Equality and Equity, Justice as applied to the northern Venezuelan Domino.

During this week I will give all the results achieved in this initiative by Venezuelan domino Regionalization. Until the next installment

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