lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011

Venezuela dominated the World Cup in San José de Costa Rica / Integration and Selection of Couples.

The National Technical Commission of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD" begin preparations for the integration and selection of couples who will represent us in the Next World Domino to stage in the City of San José de Costa Rica.

In this respect proceeded to convene the National Team, six (06) Representatives of Venezuela in both sexes (12 athletes) to start practices and partner selection, which will be held at the facilities of the "Institute Laguito Self Circle of the Armed Forces, the City of Caracas, during Friday 13 and Saturday 14 May from 9.30am. to 5.00 pm., in order to start the integration, selection and practices of couples who have the honor and distinction to carry and defend the Fatherland Tricolor in the City of San José de Costa Rica, and Venezuela Domino exponents.

Team members who will represent us Women:
Yolimar Guevara / Estado Miranda.
Flor Lozada / Estado Miranda.
Lucymar Gamboa / Estado Miranda-
Dulce Ruiz / Estado Miranda.
Liris Pérez / Estado Miranda.
Jasmín Mijares / Estado Anzoátegui.

Team members who will represent us Male:
Wilmer Prada / Estado Miranda.
Alexander Cordero / Estado Miranda.
Francisco Oyarzábal / Estado Miranda.
Alonso Rodríguez / Estado Miranda-
José Rafael Hernández / Estado Aragua.
Ramón Suárez / Estado Cojedes.

The Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD" through the National Technical Committee, is making history in the Domino Venezuela, to begin prior to the events, practices and integration of each of our athletes Dominocistas.

On behalf of the National Technical Commission of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", we thank the President of the Autonomous Institute of the Armed Forces Circle, where President Brigadier General Reinaldo Tovar Bernardinelli, by accepting used for the Venezuelan Domino also to Mr. William López, the dealer's Pizzeria Laguito Mr. Omar Mata, licensee of the Sport Club through his daughter Bonnie, who have joined forces to give logistical support in achieving this initiative we will achieve the target, in this wonderful mind game called "Domino." Until the next installment.

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