lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

Results of the 1st. Championship Pairs National Domino / State Cojedes

Dear Friends, continuing with the Federative Circuit programmed by the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", on Saturday 21/05/2011 at the San Carlos City Cojedes State, was held on 1st. National Championship of Dominoes, under the following premises: Category Open mode: Female and Male Couples valid for the National Ranking, the event was attended by 312 athletes, 120 of which corresponded to 192 to Women and Men.

Then I am pleased to report the results of this 1st. National Championship of Dominoes Pairs:

Medalla de Oro: Bartolina Pérez - Ana Zapata / Estado Cojedes.
Medalla de Plata: Rina Cruz – Omaira Zabala / Estado Anzoátegui.
Medalla de Bronce: Judith Sayago – Alba Morela Sayago / Distrito Capital.
Cuarto Lugar: Elvira Ibáñez – Ligia Romero / Estado Miranda.
Quinto Lugar: Marina Zárate – Wendys Orosco / Estado Apure.

Medalla de Oro: Jorge Marcano – Nicolás Maurera / Estado Bolívar.
Medalla de Plata: John Celis – Pascual Darbisi / Estado Miranda.
Medalla de Bronce: Juan Meléndez – Rafael Bullones / Estado Lara.
Cuarto Lugar: Peter Rodulfo – Amílcar Hidalgo / Estado Delta Amacuro.
Quinto Lugar: Alonso Rodríguez – Carlos Marquina / Estado Miranda.

My sincere congratulations to all athletes and especially to those who managed to get on the podium, it is interesting to consider that these new results, it is becoming more interesting the National Ranking, being observed by the results to date, which have new members in the National Team Pre Venezuela. Until the next installment. Cerro Bonito Cojedes State.

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