martes, 18 de septiembre de 2012

IX world Domino Championship Individual F.I.D. male and female - for couples - equipment per Venezuela 2012.


Good night.

Dr. Hector Rodriguez, Minister of the power of Popular for sport, Chairman honorary of the IX Championship world of Domino of the FID.

Dr. Nelson Merentes, President of the Central Bank of Venezuela and President honorary of the IX Championship world of Domino of the FID.

Professor Eduardo Alvarez Camacho, Venezuelan Olympic Committee President.

Don Lucas Guittard, President of the International Federation of Domino.

Mr. Zaur Gvadzhava, his Excellency Ambassador of the Republic of Abkhazia.

Mr. Rufus John, President of Sport Service.

Gentlemen Members of the Organizing Committee of the International Federation and the Venezuelan Federation of Domino.

Representatives of the social communication.

Presidents of the national federations.

Technical staff.

Coral of the Ministry of the power of Popular for sport.

School dances Churun Meru Auyantepui.

Representative of the Hesperia Hotel.

Male and female national team athletes and their coaches.

All athletes

Ladies and gentlemen.

The Venezuelan homeland and the Venezuelan Federation of Domino feel very pleased of the care provided by government agencies that supported us in such arduous task. And more still by the leaders of each country to honor us with their presence.

At the recent 8th world of Domino FID held in the sister Republic of Abkhazia, someone made the comment that Abkhazia had left a very high Rod speaking on sports jargon.

I don't think that those who assume the responsibility of organizing an event of such magnitude, are thinking of create difficulties for those responsible for the next world. In this great family of the world Domino who manages to reunite annually through the efforts of an organization as the Fidelity, so worthily presiding over my favorite friend Lucas Guittard, am fully certain that the call is to the union, harmony, fraternity, but above all, a good work on healthy peace without complexes or complications.

By the above, international Domino Federation and its organization, and the Presidents of federations from around the world, can count on the Venezuelan Federation of Domino and all their affiliates athletes to follow the path that will lead us to continue to grow and achieve goals "The Olympic Path".

To all those who supported us, in this global sports quest, they will be highly grateful, "hands to the stones".

Good night.
Prof. Efrain Velasquez Ramos

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