martes, 18 de septiembre de 2012

Words of the Chairman of the INTERNATIONAL DOMINO FEDERATION Don Lucas Guittard in the solemn opening ceremony.

Friends, friends, athletes, present in this glamorous evening, full of color, affection, talent, life and brotherhood, we found the beautiful gesture of our Gentile sports.

I have always felt the need to express that we are in full effervescence sport and that, among you, dear athletes, there rival but colors.

Which is why that IDF wishes to express the most precious thanks and gratitude to the people of the Republic of Abkhazia, by having taken place in October 2011, the World Championships of the Fidelity in the noble city of Sukhum Domino, which was beautiful and integrator and demonstrated that there are NO borders in the sport of domino and whose greatest victory was: the harmony between peoples.

Abkhazia, thank you Arthur thanks..!

On the other hand, deserves a special mention, Prof. Efrain Velasquez, for having carried out this grand and magnificent world of Domino of the Fidelity and deeply thank the country headquarters, Venezuela, our most sincere admiration for his generosity, his indomitable spirit and its immense hospitality.

However, the success of the world Domino Championship of the FID, in the city of Valencia, is a legacy of pride and of conscience, under three major challenges:

The first challenge:
The values, i.e. the fair play, the true image of our sport.

The second challenge:
That youth maintain their interest in our sport.

The third challenge:
Equality of women in the sport of domino, under female mode with awards equal to the male form.

And I would not dismiss me without before remembering that two international events ahead of us:

The world Domino Championship of the FID in Seville, Spain, June 2013 and the world Domino Championship of the FID, in Brasilia, Brazil, September 2014, which can cover from here, the largest shows maturity, social legacy and the sports term.

And finally, remember dear athletes, a friendly reflection: "pointing to the Moon, but they succeed, will find the stars".

Thanks a lot..!
Lucas Guittard

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