miércoles, 26 de septiembre de 2012


Caracas, 26 September 2012
In a flawless opening with assistance of high-level personalities, athletes and ambassadors, and the presence of more than 1,000 athletes from 16 Nations, IX Championship world of DOMINO of the FID, in the city of Valencia, Venezuela, was carried out in an edition which ended very successful, thanks to the excellent cooperation of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino (FVD) and to the International Domino Federation (FID).

It began with the youth tournament of the FID: "Quick count of the dominoes", chaired by the master expert Vladimir Korneev, President of the Domino Federation of St. Petersburg, Russia.

Followed the annual General Assembly of the FID, in the presence of Presidents and delegates of the present Nations that determined and approved the two next world of the FID: June 2013, ORLANDO, FL., USA and June 2014, MEXICO, in its capital.

The next three days, completed 4 sport disciplines, namely team (4 athletes), for couples (2 athletes) and INDIVIDUAL women's and INDIVIDUAL men. However, the Board of Directors of the IDF determined are required four consecutive days for the next performance of a World Championship. Gold, silver and bronze medals of the IDF for all modes, as well as cash prizes were awarded.

During the great event was awarded the "Prize for excellence, William Almodóvar", corresponding to the year 2012, the President of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino, Prof. Efraín Velásquez for their hard work and dedication towards the image of domino as a sport, achieving a national and global recognition.

Similarly, the President of the Fidelity, Lucas Guittard, promoted for this year President Award, which rewards the most personality in the promotion of our sport, which was obtained by the President of the Domino Federation of the Republic of Abkhazia, Artur Gabunia.

It is important to mention that the world event was recorded in large part, including the respective finals, by DIRECTV, as well as interviews with athletes and officials of these Nations.

I wish to conclude, but not before, mentioning the overshadowed panorama and deplorable actions of a group of participants that an unworthy spectacle against the director-general of the FID Manuel Oquendo, impeccable person and distinguished directors and one of the most valuable founders of the IDF.

These are attitudes that we don't deserve the FID because we are all valuable and this cruel action shows the total absence of culture by their protagonists.


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