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Golden Rules of Domino - The Trouble With Taped

We have been observing in the Domino Players, no concepts, learning as a product of totally devoid of valid concepts and methodology, I say this by the way I see daily the criteria when considering one of the Golden Rules Domino, as it is "the punch with the failed", or punish considered a "Golden Rule" the punch with the Fall, punish or leave the Gap ", or play the Minge, in the end as said is Like in any manner as it is announced it means the same and is the same, the effect we will explain when we produce this play and when it should be:

1. The punch with the failure in the output of Counter:
The vast majority of domino players are ill-defined concepts about the punch with the failure, or feel afraid to hit with a failure or only do so when they chase a Double Fault's stuck on the output should always be independently Contrary it is one letter more or less than what is being punished, exceptions: when you have a violin or a hand where the strength of the Stone to start is crucial, so do not hesitate to stick with the failure to exit the Contrary because in ten (10) will be performing her partner hitting at least eight (08) of them.

2. stuck with the failure to pursue and achieve the death of a Double localized in the hand of Sailor:
Friends this situation occurs frequently in the players that meet defined methods (The Thought), our fellow initiates a Charter designed on the output and passes Contrary Player "C", and we have the Double Stone started by our companion, we must immediately give the information to our fellow player "B", that the Double is identified in the hands of Sailor Player "A" in that sense we think and punish the stone started by the Sidekick, with failure or have the least, clarifying thought through if we have one or more of the stone punished. This will allow the player "B" available to sentence more or less the Double identified in the hand of Sailor. It should also be noted that this same logic apply to pursue any double no matter where it is located.

3. Stuck with the failure happens when our Companion:
This move is completely elementary, we even forget the strength of our game and then proceed to punish the stone by which our partner is going to "FAILURE", we must never put the companion to play for a single point at will if we can get rid of the stone that hurts, remember what has been pointing out, in the Domino Modern, no hand and is based on the information we give our companion, that more information than that observed in passing the Companion for a particular stone, not offered to marry or wait for the Contrary play based on the useful idiot, always avoid putting your partner to play for a single point, who knows what he has to give as forcefully Consequently, again the foundation of success is the information that is made to the Companion, to the extent that it can play will be starting the strength of his game or given the opportunity to develop this, as last observation tell the following, imagine you what unintentionally mean having to play opposite the stone once the partner has gone through it.

Where there should be attached with fall
I believe based on a fully effective and efficient practice that "NEVER" be punished with Fall’s output or the Stone Companion firm started by the Sidekick, eye, if they have to start a double high go ahead, but do not leave Gap to punish Roommate stone, much less out of it, it is sometimes preferable to give the stone to the Contrary before punishing the Companion of the Fall.

These concepts are entirely valid and fully implemented in the Domino once dominated these criteria, players will always be strong and difficult to overcome, the methodology applied the concept more clearly defined, lead to significant achievements and wholly tangible, so they learn and master The concepts expressed in this article was classified as "Golden Rules in Domino." Until the next installment where I will continue cooling concepts valid in the Domino Tag.

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