domingo, 27 de junio de 2010


26/06/1910 This Saturday was played in the Olympic Village in the beautiful city of Barquisimeto in Lara State, National Championship for the male and female couples, valid for the National Ranking, attended by 18 States of the Venezuelan geography which we note below mean the State of Sucre, Anzoategui, Delta Amacuro, Bolivar, Capital District, Miranda, Guarico, Aragua, Carabobo, Falcón, Zulia, Apure Barinas, Trujillo, Cojedes, Vargas, Yaracuy and hosts Lara.

We also stress the participation of 344 athletes in which 48 couples and 124 Women Men Couples, the results were as follows: Team Athletes represented by Miranda State swept the medals contested, winning five of the six medals rivaled in Event, then the names of the couples who arrived in the Top Ten Competition Venues:

1. Oro. Yolimar Guevara y Liris Pérez de Miranda
2. Plata. Thalía Costa y Mariela Giménez de Cojedes
3. Bronce. Yudamin Mata y Elvira Ibáñez de Miranda
4. Lucymar Gamboa y Dulce Ruiz de Miranda
5. Belitza Rodríguez y Zuly Perdomo de Aragua
6. Silvia Maurera y Nidia Ochoa de Delta Amacuro
7. Liuris Maita e Ingrid Alvarado de Anzoátegui
8. Felicidad Jardín y Mónica de Oliveira de Capital
9. Rina Cruz y Omaira Zabala de Anzoátegui
10. Alba Deffit y Carmen de Chacón de Aragua

1. Oro. Wilmer Prada y Alexander Cordero de Miranda
2. Plata. John Celis y Pascual Darbisi de Miranda
3. Bronce. Carlos Marquina y Alonzo Rodríguez de Miranda
4. Jorge Luís Arias y Edgar Rodríguez de Miranda
5. Armando de Sousa y Carlos Salcedo de Trujillo
6. David canelón y Roberto Buraye de Lara
7. Jean Silva y Edward Mejía de Capital
8. Pierre Casibe y Oscar Gutiérrez de Cojedes
9. William Ríos y Kiko Oyarzabal de Miranda
10. Johnny Coronado y Vladimir Mata de Delta Amacuro.

Certainly was an interesting journey Dominocistas, where you have to highlight the required constraints ordered by the Security Directorate of the Olympic Village, which is rightly banned the consumption of Alcohol and Cigarette, within the facilities of the Villa, this example will should help everyone to apply in the future, because without doubt it is in the welfare of all.

Finally I must congratulate all the couples who took the podium, but especially to consist of the President of State Ms. Miranda Ms. YOLIMAR GUEVARA and LIRIS PEREZ, destacadísima for his performance in reaching the Beautiful Women Event Gold Medal . Until the next installment.

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