viernes, 26 de agosto de 2011

Second Indian National Tournament / Saturday 27/08/11 Maturin Monagas State

Dear Friends, continuing the mass Domino Venezuelan Goals set by the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD" in its desire to continue making inroads and writing the history of this great mind game called "DOMINO", on Saturday 27 August 2011, will take place in the city of Maturin, Monagas State "Second. Indian National Tournament. "
This will be a competition full of human warmth to give a beautiful appreciation and a warm welcome to the different ethnic groups scattered geography of Venezuela, which undoubtedly are part of our heritage in this regard will receive with joy and satisfaction to our honored Indian population.

I would like to attend this event, but unfortunately we have planned integration activities and training with the National Team of Venezuela, which have the great honor of representing the Eighth World Domino Championship, which will be held in the Capital City of the Republic Sojum Abkhazia.

Of course I dare to predict a resounding success with this extraordinary convocation, in addition to continue writing the "History of Domino Venezolano", we will be making known to the world, the actions being undertaken to achieve this wonderful sport one of the Games most important of our country, so do not hesitate to congratulate my dear comrades of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", especially in the person of its President Professor Efrain Velasquez (when things are done well, just go right) .

Some day soon, we will organized a Native American Championship, allowing us to enjoy and share with the different ethnic groups scattered geography of the Americas, where we observe all delegations gathered to participate in this wonderful game of mind called "Domino". Indian Crafts Photo. Until the next installment.

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