miércoles, 17 de agosto de 2011

Venezuela is decked out in the first Dominoes Competition Mixed Team

Dear Friends, Saturday August 20, dresses up the Domino Venezuela, the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", which will be called I believe "The Dominoes Classic Venezolano", 1st. National Mixed Team Event for those who do not know the conditions in this regard, we reported that teams are made up of three (03) and three Women Athletes (03) male, they are integrated in pairs to form your own team.

All Associations State Authority of the Venezuelan geography, have the honor to participate in the first event of this nature organized, a meeting of the Ladies and Men of Venezuelan dominated not only in the pursuit of the coveted National Ranking points, if not also go down in history as the Dominoes Pioneering Venezuelan Podium take in this confrontation so beautiful.

I particularly feel very proud to see one of the ideas crystallized it occurred to me for the years 2007 / 2008 when he was Technical Director of the Venezuelan Federation of Dominoes "FVD" I am very pleased to see my friends and students find a partner and Teams developed, no doubt from now on, I dare call that the Call will be a success made by the "FVD" and thus continue to build "History of the Venezuelan Domino".

Also, I have watched with great interest the favoritism that already seen for this type of competition, there are Associations that are on paper or in the inscription undoubtedly very strong, making the teams excel compared to others, but life 100 has taught me so many wins either, so do not hesitate to predict that it will be a hard-fought encounter, my friends asked me to announce my favorites, well tell you this about it: always avoid or events predicted in Skills program, for Therefore I will not do any predictions, since it is totally contrary to my feelings (note: but I have them I have them), but did not say for reasons of ethics and principles.

I express and manifest record of heart, as I would like to fully enjoy my idea (National Mixed Team Competition), well I'll do from the stands as we say in the various sports we like and we can not practice, but in the beginning the year when I was offered the post of Principal Member of Technical Committee Domino's "FVD" is one of the limitations was "not able to participate as Federated Athlete Competencies" motivated my duties and responsibilities within the Commission Technical Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD" noting that they gladly accepted them (but I repeat, is the only Circuit Competition Federated regret not being able to run as Athlete of the Venezuelan Domino).

Finally I take this opportunity to give testimony but mostly fraternal totally honest, the Board of Directors of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", especially its President Professor Efrain Velasquez, who spares no effort and continues to find ways to build the History of Dominoes to Venezuela, more than just a "mind game". Until the next installment which will report the results.

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Morelba Rios dijo...

You are also promoting equilibrium between male and female in this discipline, and this is also HISTORY.
William, you are writing The Domino History!