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Agenda of Domino 04 Track - letter of the 12/02/2012

The wonderful game of Dominoes in pairs
The method of information (The Pensada)

This is one of the topics most interesting analysis, have created a myriad of combinations with the modern methods, always derived from the pure method, and Original, which is undoubtedly that of the "information with Pensada", is about the latter that I will discuss and define my way of analysing and inferring is thatSince other know them little and therefore not practical them, if they are better or worse, this is not the time to evaluate them, the fact of the case is that I want to talk about the "method" that has allowed me to develop and strengthen me as a good player of Domino.

Prior to analyze and describe this wonderful scenery, I will make an account of their origin, which definitely some what have been stoned on the one hand, and others even have believed genuine owners and creators of this.

Good was there in the 1960s, as played the famous Domino clubs Inter in Caracas, events that filled up and improved the scene in all social circles to the then, involved the following clubs: Club Campestre los Cortijos, Club Puerto Azul, Macabí Club, Club Táchira, riding association of owners, Altamira Tennis Club, Caracas Theater Club Country Club of Carabobo, in order the more cream of society to date. At that time began to see the hegemony and the potential of "Equestrian owner Association" Club, analyzing the reasons by which highlighted, we conclude the following: was the only Club that responded to method of information in his game, as he practiced methods and concepts contained in the book written and published by the famous and remembered Carayaca Tiger "Dr. Héctor Simosa Alarcón"who in turn was the captain of that Club.

Was the Club with the best and most Subfloors players for the moment, because that on its payroll boasted players such as the Tiger of Carayaca Dr. Héctor Simosa Alarcón, Dr. Núñez Trujillo, Dr. Jofre Henríquez, Germán Rincón, Mario Mauriello, El Pibe Venían, Frencis Vernon, Carlos Regetti, Fernando García, Los Hermanos Gubaira, Virgilio Deccan, Don Pedro Juliac, (it is possible that the spelling is not correct in these names)(, please excuse me is this sense), they definitely had an extraordinary list of sublime players and best of all was smooth of each of these, well the truth of the case, was that to obtain the Inter Club Cup of Domino, clubs had to win and be the champions for three (3) consecutive years of the event.

Finally remember that calls at the Club Campestre los Cortijos for several delegates from clubs, attending Dr. Félix Luciani Lairet, Captain of the Club, my dear Uncle Elio Felce who to date had obtained the designation of delegate for life of Domino clubs Inter and was the Táchira Club captain, the captain of the blue port Club, to Captain Club Macabí, Captain Caracas Theater Club, well not remember who others attended with the only reason see as they did to remove "Bell the cat", i.e. how to avoid that the "partnership horse owner", won the third consecutive year, how to apply against the book of the "Tiger of Carayaca" after both say and weigh arguments after arguments comes to the conclusion that put into practice the same reasoning of the "Carayaca Tiger", but in reverse, i.e. that the intended game and the quick game, would be the perfect solution, and decide to implement this method of information, play fast means have twice, and have force on the stone being given, play thought means not to have force, twice, nor most of the stone which is playing everything in reverse of the content of the book of the "Tiger of Carayaca", There are agreed and began to practice this wonderful "method of information" in all the clubs, then realize that it has garrafal inconsistency, as it is, the identification of the double when we can only, Club Puerto Azul, takes the forefront in this sense and defined the following as a best practice, if you have three (3) stone double example Double six, six four and six one, the first six are must be started quickly, but the second thought is given indicating the partner that we can only double of it, in a way that our colleague is informed that we can only twice, giving him the possibility to punish him guaranteed we twice with the opposite, since the two six remaining would obviously be in the hand of the also ratified by this method, every stone that I am giving thought I do not like and every stone that I am fast is that good, good using this method (6) six decades have passed and is still in force, not only that, if not how wonderful it is to apply it in its full context, not to make them as the longest, the riding association Club of owners not returned to win a Championship, and was playing what we call the colony Domino or Caveman, until that some of his players migrated towards the "method of information", guaranteeing his strength used in this game, others unfortunately could do. That is the real history of dominoes under the method of information, led to its maximum expression through his players.

As a complement to this comment, then describe in my opinion, the large Domino players running at the time the method described here, the blue port Club: Cosimo Torelli, perhaps the most complete of all time in my opinion, the shark Cristóbal González, Ignacio Zaibert, by del Táchira Club: Elio and Oscar Felce, Carmelo Perez, Pedro BritoCésar Astro (father and son), William rivers Felce, Macabí Club: Murciano, Rado Davidesku, Altamira Club: El Niño, I don't remember his name if his nickname, Club Los Cortijos: Tiradito, Conrad Cifuentes, Felix l. Luciani, Caracas Theater Club: Heraclius Gersy, which forgive me those sublime this game which are not named in this comment, but in truthI don't remember their names.

Well friends, this is the story of the origin of the game under the criterion of "Method of information", which for many but many years us captivates all the good players in dominoes, very important, do not think here this all said all approaches of Domino and this method, it is complemented by a series of variants, making it invulnerable and extremely strong in all its expression, as they are: the punch with the fault, the pasted on the stone of the contrary, the lying down twice, exit, the bars, the stone of fits, the persecution of a double body movements instead, partner, and end all actions derived from knowledge that should be a good player of dominoes. I don't remember their names.

Complementing this narrative, I tell one of the anecdotes that I cherish in this respect and give faith, he was present: the Club headquarters was coincidentally the riding association of property owners, they played against Club Táchira, in one table were the best of both clubs, for the Táchira: Carmelo Perez and Oscar Felce and Equestrian Association the Tiger of Carayaca Dr. Héctor Simosa Alarcón and Dr. Núñez Trujillo Perhaps one of the best couples from Venezuela to date, well the truth is that with three double Tiger comes, Carmelo player "b" starts the designed three six, El Dr. Núñez Trujillo player "c", punishes the six, the player "d" Oscar Felce, block out of the Tiger, he punishes with a tab that allows to Carmelo Perez player "b", again repeat the six thought, returns to punish Dr. Núñez Trujillo, continues the hand and Carmelo sends the third thought six and his partner Oscar Deputy without thinking twice six, immediately rises from the table by throwing stones Tiger and exclaims hallmark signs, the accidental technical Commission meets immediately and valid decreed the death of double six, as play classic Domino using the premise of the "method of information", born from that moment one of the methods most effective in the game of dominoes and thereby demonstrating, fruitful new dawn in the game of dominoes will be and where he will become the potential of everyone who practice. Until the next installment, which will be the 22/02/2012.

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