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Agenda of Dominoes 03 Track - Notice of 02/02/2012

The wonderful game of Domino in pairs
Concepts, techniques and tactics in Domino by pairs.

Basics of the Domino tag Concepts:
The concepts are buildings or mental images, by means of which we understand new experiences and experiences stored in memory.

Concepts and maxims of the Domino:
• Take the highest number of both (lead It fits to achieve the bars).

• Avoid the contrary take the largest number of so many. (Avoid the It fits to delay the chances of trance).

• Have clearly established, that you cannot win all hands (there are hands of attack and hands defensive, these Roles can be changed in the development of the hand).

• Do you stones the partner, if you are not fully sure that it is, this situation occurs on a daily basis and at all levels, you must ensure before risking the hand by a presumption, I do emphasise this, I am tired of hearing: well if it had such stone won the hand, and the risk of that has not is not envisioned at the time Therefore it did not have the stone which I did and I lost so many 40 that makes no sense and have to eradicate it, Domino should always be sure of what it does.

Techniques and tactics in Dominoes by pairs:
Technique: A procedure or set of rules, with the aim of obtaining a certain result, in any activity.

• This is perhaps one of the most hot spots in Domino by pairs, we need to understand that dominoes is a game of mind, therefore it is extremely difficult to match a pair, by simple detail that both have different perceptions and differ in skills and abilities, therefore must have in mind that to match and become a good couple of Domino, there is that adjust all the time to the one in front, and this action must be reciprocal, so go their separate ways.

• In addition, techniques should be aligned towards the achievement of the stated objectives, which are defined in the concepts and maxims of the Domino, i.e. take the largest number of so many, and avoid to they get it one.

• As last comment I will say something that will surely appear out of context, but applied directly in couples, in the practice of the Domino has to put aside the arrogance cannot afford confrontation nor determination between couples, this is definitely without exception.

The tactic, in general terms, is a method used in order to achieve an objective:

• Undoubtedly technique and tactics in Domino, are aspects of information linear in their unit and equals in their conduct, they are perfectly linked, therefore must be borne in mind that we must do at a time of a good hand, a regular and a bad, if we do not have clear and defined the concepts applied in technique and tacticsthe results will be negative, i.e. a good hand not know to use it, the regular not know defend it and bad we will sent to the wall, therefore we must always present the golden rules of the Domino and these must be our creed in the development of the hands, applying them in its full context, in each of the items we make.

• Establish methods of communication that lead us to optimize our quality of play, these methods must be consistent with the rules of the game, thereby learn about strength and weaknesses in our hand to run and that of our partner.

• The method of information used should be applied from the start of the game until the last stone placed, indicate to the partner if we carry the stone that we are running. Until the next installment (12/02/2012).

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