viernes, 24 de febrero de 2012

Agenda of Domino Chapter 05. Classification of the Domino players:

01. Undoubtedly that first I define the players responding to certain methods, warning that these correspond to turn to the only permitted in the Domino sign, that is undoubtedly the Pensada, these players who applied the method of Pensada, are very strong of bow and observed features of unlimited potential, that you are giving information in the development of the hand (six rounds running) and more important that this information comes from the first move, this action reduces and simplifies the game 28 to 14 stones stones, that generally players define an early companion game fortress, I believe that they are really the great exponents of this game.

02. Players that confuse and applied the method of Pensada unlawfully, are those in addition to using the Pensada supplementing with the quick play or slow by placing stones, these call them the play of two (02) time, it is a way of cheating but neck white, i.e. they irrespetan intentionally to the contrary, since they make them continuous sign in the way of placing the stone, perhaps this is one of the cases more common current players, why should be required without exception, they placed all the stones equal and obviously with this action, will hamper you the development of the hand. These players never understood the Pensada isn't in the hand or in the placement of the stones, this is in the mind.

03. Players who respond to the natural analysis of plays that are under development, the potential of these is limited, and they always are on the path more difficult long in the opening and middlegame in hand, that it is resolving a complicated hand, as main game of dominoes is to give immediate and accurate information on every play, and these players for lack of methods, far from providing effective information, but rather tend to confuse the partner that they are thinking of all the plays or everytime they have more than one to play, including considering a Tranca, hinder completely the decision thereon, that is not known since the beginning of the handwhere is the strength of his game.

04. Players Domino who never know where are the stones and sometimes win and dominate the hand, but not by logic or brilliant move, but simply by them are, these are love Domino, they never learned to play well, i.e. in a logical manner and whether it be scientific, but they have to the goddess of fortune on his side in the Levant, good generally in the long run these are the regulars game losers, or as we call the "Paganinis".

05. Finally speak of short and forceful way to those who enlodan this wonderful game of mind "Señeros", which used their ingenuity to turn it into the aberration and the scum of the Domino on these all of us without exception must gradually campaigning to go them to marginalize and execrando of the natural environments of this beautiful game, so they do not have another way to play among themselves, I am particularly not to play with them, because I believe that only with my presence at the table them it would be adecentando, if you will excuse my boasting, but so sorry. Until the next installment, I hope that the 02/03/2012

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