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Opening Remarks VIII World Domino Championship Team - Abkhazia – 2011

Dear Friends, on the morning of Wednesday 19/10/11, from the City of Sukhum of the Federal Republic of Abkhazia, I am very pleased to get them verbatim the opening remarks made by my dear and esteemed friend, Mr. Lucas Guittard , President of the International Domino Federation "FID" kicking the protocol acts for the "VIII World Domino Championship Team and Individual - Abkhazia 2011".

DON LUCAS Guittard,
President of the International Domino Federation (IDF)
at the solemn inauguration of the World Domino Abkhazia
Tuesday October 18, 2011
Just 5 years ago I had the honor of meeting Abkhaz athletes when they began their international participation in the World Domino Championship IDF in Venezuela, Puerto la Cruz 2006. The image of that event, reprinted in me the value of the discovery of America, as the contact of two cultures that, until then, unaware of the existence of the other.
From that date to today, the Abkhaz have not only been present in every one of the competitions organized by the IDF but have also promoted activities and meetings designed to strengthen strong ties to sports, which made them worthy of our affection and have given us the opportunity to increase our knowledge about the nobility of its people and the roots of their culture.
Today, when we start the World Championship, we thank the dedicated and admirable work of Artur Gabuniya, President of the Federation and Abkhazia Domino enthusiastic endorsement of Dr. Sergei Bagapsh dear friend, who took leave of me last year, told me: "Mr. Lucas, you and I will be responsible for the success of the World Domino Abkhazia. " Then we could not imagine it would be our last meeting, but those words, so full of sportsmanship, feeling and love for his people, not only will present in my memory, but also be the standard to make this global event the exaltation of affection, friendship and talent that characterizes its inhabitants, therefore, the International Domino Federation devotes the 8 th World Domino Championship IDF, to the memory of Dr. Sergei Bagapsh.
Also grateful for the massive participation of nations around the world, expects more than just the joy of sports, each of the audience, take the best memories of the culture, landscape and customs of this noble country as a way to pay tribute to the independence of Abkhazia that has made the country-soul, a free nation like the wind.
Are therefore welcome all athletes to fly and unite wills, intertwining stones at the tables and hearts in time.
Thank you very much.!

Dear Friends, I participated that I will be reporting to the world the results inherent in this "VIII World Domino Championship Team and Individual." I also participated to the team event will take place in the morning being the beginning, the culmination 19/10/11 the 21/10/11 and the Individual will be in the evenings beginning the day culminating 19/10/11 20 / 10/11, ie will be played in two days, if possible try to coordinate my role as Technical Director of the Venezuelan National Team, with the lover of this wonderful game of mind fascinates us all, so as to keep informed as possible through these pages, what will be this great world event. Until the next installment.

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