martes, 18 de octubre de 2011

Thanks Sukhum Authorities Hotel INTER Sukhum City – Abkhazia

From the beautiful Hotel Inter Sukhum, located in the City of Sukhum of the Federal Republic of Abkhazia, at 10 am. 19/10/11 day and thanks to the care provided by the authorities of this wonderful hotel, specifically the People: Messrs. Tarkaev Sergei Pavlov Lev, Ramiro and Inar Zarandia Ladariya, which I have provided the necessary cooperation and enough to reach every one of you, I inform you that at 2.00 pm. Approximately Ajasia time, I will be giving all the results of the VIII acontercido Munidal Domino Championship Team in the First.
Also on the list of countries continución aistentes Jurisdiction, warning that insribieron Eleven Nations in Team mode, which I bring seguidamenter:

Abkhzia, Brazil, Mexico, Nicaragua, Priduestrovie, Dominican Republic, Russia, Turkey, USA, Uzbekistan and Venezuela.
I want to finish this first letter, again thanking the authorities of the Hotel INTER Sukhum Sukhum City - Abkhazia, who kindly allow us to reach each and every one of the dear readers of this blog. Until the next installment, which will be today at 02.00 pm., Where they report the results of the First Round Team.

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