domingo, 9 de octubre de 2011

Ready to Prepare for Journey to the World Domino in Abkhazia - Octuber 2011

Dear Friends, The Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", and arranged the logistics necessary and sufficient for the transfer of the Venezuelan Delegation Domino, for what will be the "World Domino Championship VIII Team and Individual," in Sukhum City Federal Republic of Abkhazia.

All the preparations are coordinated, we can say we're ready for the trip we will make in achieving our beloved Podium for Venezuela, the itinerary is as follows: the Venezuelan delegation will focus in on 13/10/11 Naval Hotel Catia La Mar Vargas State, leaving for Europe on Friday 14/10/11 at six o'clock, arriving at Spanish soil at 09.10 from the morning hours Madrid, where we will be for 13 hours or so, waiting for connection to Moscow which will be at 11.45 pm., arriving to Moscow approximately at 06.30 am., leaving at approximately 8 am, to the City of Sochi Once located in said City, transfer by land (approximately three hours) from the City of Sochi Sukhum of the Federal Republic of Abkhazia, having to cross the border (Russia - Abkhazia) walk about 100 meters , where we collect a second bus to take us to the destination city.

The Venezuelan delegation will arrive on Sunday 15/10/11 the City of Sukhum, after a marathon journey almost two days, where everyone without exception we first adjust our biological clock, ie the time change, we should also appropriately rest between days: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, so to be in the best conditions for the opening will be on Wednesday 16/10/11, definitely the mind games require proper rest the body, so that both are perfectly consistent effect.

As you can see we are really sleeping on the plane, try to coordinate the most effective way possible all actions inherent to grooming and relaxation of our athletes, but especially the Ladies of the Venezuelan dominated once again with us in sovereign challenge if you touch me deciding, I would never have accepted a trip so far from our homeland, are more than 36 hours of travel without the usual amenities of Immigration Immigration box office, especially in cities where the language is quite limiting, I am aware of an ongoing effort by the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD" in defense of all its athletes especially the Members of the National Team of Venezuela Domino, but really the journey is as we say colloquially or Criollo "toed" is not not easy to travel with three scales and one by Land Airport.

Hopefully the bravery of each and every one of our athletes in achieving the coveted "Podium", allowing us to continue to maintain the hegemonic role in global domination, of course I tell everyone who joined us, which shall take all expectations necessary in terms of: Antiallergic, Antidiarrheal, Influenza, pills for stress, for nerves, headaches, after all the remedies used and not used in case they become necessary.
Until the next installment.

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