miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2011

Preparations for the World Dominoes - Abkhazia -2011

This time I travel to the front touch the Delegation of Venezuela as Technical Director, with the representation of four (04) teams that comprise the National Team of Venezuela two Women and two Men.

I want to tell too, that dominated Venezuelan athletes have been taking the best from each one of Them, competing for the years 2010 and 2011 to be worthy representatives of our beloved Venezuela.

I feel compelled to make the following comment: Once again the ladies attending the World Cup, will face the male teams.

I think the International Domino Federation "FID", you must open the space to "THE WOMEN'S WORLD DOMINO," I think it's time required to reach a reality for years dominated by the Ladies of the World, hopefully this is the last World Championships, where Domino Ladies have to face on equal terms to male, I think it's time to force member nations to the "FID", to promote Women's Domino.

Also consider that the International Domino Federation "FID", should condition the participation of countries, so as to force those who wish to attend, to register at least one team or female partners may not otherwise participate in the upcoming World Domino organized by the Federation.

Well from now I wish success to all and especially Delegations to National Team Members of my beloved and dear Venezuela. 19/10/11 until Wednesday where they will be properly informed about what is stirring. Photo Cáucaso Abjasio

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