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Circuit Federal in the year 2012 of the Venezuelan Federation of Dominoes "FVD".

Dear friends, then I am pleased to indicate them as the "Federal Circuit" of the Federation Venezuelan of Domino "FVD", corresponding to the year 2012 was constituted.

The official calendar of Domino organized of Venezuela by the year 2012, was formed in the following way: fifteen (15) programmed activities of which twelve (12) are national, two (2) of an international character and one (1) last to our children (seedlings), education and training which is scheduled for Habana - Cuba.

Ten (10) scheduled events of category open (adults), which includes two (02) World Championships and a concentration of athletes for the first twenty (20), comprising the Pre national team in both sexes, in such sense below describe the characteristics of each of the competencies scheduled for adults:

1. National Championship "Openness", category: open, modality: Individual, date: 28/01/2012, headquarters: Paracoto field Club, Miranda State.

2. Concentration of athletes Pre-Seleccionados, category: open, date: from 16 to 18 March 2012, headquarters: Catia La Mar Vargas State, (first 20 athletes of the Ranking National 2011 of both sexes).

3. National Championship, category: Open, single mode (men's and women's), date: 31/03/2012, headquarters: Valencia, Carabobo State.

4. National Championships, category: Open, modality couples (male and female), date: 19/05/2012, headquarters: San Felipe, Yaracuy State.

5. X World Championship Domino, category: open, modality: Individual and couples (male and female), date: 11-16 June 2012, headquarters: town Montego Bay, country: Jamaica.

6. National Championship, category: Open, modality: mixed parentage, date: 30/06/2012, headquarters: Maturín, Monagas state.

7. National tournament, category: Open, modality: mixed teams, dated 21/07/2012, headquarters: Trujillo, Trujillo State.

8. National Championships, category: Open, modality: teams (men's and women's), date: 18/08/2012, headquarters: Caracas Distrito Capital.

9. IX World Championship Domino, category: open, modality: teams (men's and women's), date: from 12 to 15 September 2012, headquarters: Caracas - country: Venezuela.

10. National tournament "Closure", category: Open, modality: Individual, date. 17/11/2012, Maracaibo, Zulia State.

Four (04) powers aimed at children which includes the first Base of training to be held in the city of Habana - Cuba, then the details of each of the scheduled events:

1. National Championship, category: Sub-12, Sub-15 and Sub-18, modality: Individual (men's and women's), date: 25/02/2012. Headquarters: San Felipe, State: Yaracuy.

2. I training, category Base: Sub-12, Sub-15 and Sub-18 - national selection of age: 2010 and 2011, headquarters: Habana, Cuba Country.

3. National Championship, category: Sub-12, Sub-15 and Sub-18, modality: male-female couples, date: 14/04/2012, headquarters: Tucupita, Delta Amacuro State.

4. National Championships, category: Sub-12, Sub-15 and Sub-18, modality: teams male and female, date: 10/09/2012, headquarters: to allocate.

One (1) National competition addressed to our indigenous athletes, which has already become a traditional event in our country.

(1) III indigenous national tournament, open category, category, Individual, date: 11/09/2012, headquarters: to allocate.

Making an analysis of how the "Federal Circuit of 2012" was constituted, note the following premises:

- Again were without seat the the States: Sucre, Bolívar, Mérida and Lara.
- For the first time you run out of the Anzoátegui State headquarters.
- Left without programming skills States: Cojedes, Barinas, and Guárico.
- Removed "(Western, Central and Eastern) Regional Tournament", I think it was a successful initiative taken by the Venezuelan Federation of Dominos during the year 2011, however it was eliminated this year.
- Are programmed two (2) national championships for adults and children in the city of San Felipe, Yaracuy State, debuting as the venue that State.

We are aware that not can be programmed events at all States of the country, also only awarded the sites according to the rules provided for in the rules of procedure of the Federation Venezuelan of Domino "FVD", with regard to assistance from the State associations to the Federativos events programmed by the Federation as well as also, attending the requirements made by each State Association previous corresponding analysis effecting the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", I must tell you without a doubt any, these new venues will help to strengthen the growth of the State associations.

Also the Venezuelan Federation of Dominos, took the decision to carry out the powers of the minor Domino in different cities of the country, good in this regard will have to make forecasts of the case, in regard to: security, transportation, medical assistance, accommodation, meals, permission of the respective fathers, in short all the sufficient and necessary logistics, to ensure the safeguarding and the attention of our beloved "hotbed". Also as an award and incentive to the Domino less by the sustained exemplary behaviour throughout the year 2010 and 2011, assistance and the proven competitive spirit, the "FVD" scheduled "1st. Basis of training", which will take place in the city of Havana - Cuba, this decision is based on giving our athletes small, a formative experience in this wonderful game of mind called "Domino".

Finally again tell that I have the great satisfaction of having contributed to achieving institutional the "national tournament for mixed teams" way, which to my way of seeing things, is without a doubt an event of really beautiful transcendence, because I believe that it is the best way to measure our ladies of Domino, in a tournament that for my point topped the scene in year 2011 as the "classic of the Domino Venezuelan", that in addition to being a highly competitive event at its peak, requires the State associations, to promote massively Domino between our ladies, as the only way to be able to participate in this event, which in addition to this obligatory range encloses the end we seek, the natural growth within each State, I'm tired of seeing associations dominated, which do not have the Federated events female representation, therefore I congratulate to the directive Board of the Federation Venezuelan of Domino "FVD" by having to materialize this idea of the undersigned, that no doubt will continue allowing the growth of this wonderful game of mind called "The dominoes", which already marked the world Domino pattern, to incorporate the Federation International of Domino "FID", "The first World Championship" in the city of Montego Bay in the Republic of Jamaica, allowing the analytical and critical observe how things are done when you want to act in good faith. Again my more sincere congratulations to the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", as we begin to harvest efforts in a tangible way, seeing it grow in this way our fair aspirations in Domino organized at national and international level. Photo: Facilities of the Club de Campo in Paracoto State of Miranda. Until the next installment.

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