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Dominoes Agenda - 2012

First friends than anything I hope this new year that begins (2012) brings us good health to all extended all loved. Unchanged as I reported in one of my recent writings, where I was involved from every ten (10) days I'll be writing a "theme" about this wonderful game of mind that we are passionate about all called "Domino", then the issues first, warning them that they are a total of 15 tracks, where I summarize a lot of inherent in this wonderful game aspect.

Dominoes agenda
01 Track - dated 12/01/2012 written

I initiate this introduction with a concept valid about this game, which I have been arguing for many years "The DOMINO is A game DISOCIADOR", that description is totally authentic and truthful, you better than anyone else can to realize the transformation faced by some people to sit on a table of Domino, regardless of what happens when punished will partner stone or is denied a run, or surrenders the stone of the contrary, is pulled or ceases to throw a winning or losing Tranca, finally comments abound in this regard and all without exception have lived as actors, some of the case is occurring and very often.

I must also say that I have great friends to sit at a table of Domino, become all that are not in real life and this happens to many (eye), the control is fundamental to a game of dominoes.

Continuing with this introduction, I shall explain the following, many friends compared the Domino with chess or trick, because these friends tell them they are incomparable games, as in chess you can play for tables from the beginning and most of the openings or all already studied and defined. The trick there is a minimum and a maximum of points which are caught in each hand and this in turn wrong stopping, shall not exceed a quarter of the game and I repeat lifting this is very bad, instead in the Domino one picks up a hand with two or three failures and four doubles and insurance put at least as many 40Obviously this is what makes the difference with these games.

I conclude this introduction with two anecdotes lived in the course of many years practicing this wonderful game of mind: As escape acts lived for so many years after travelling all both environments Elitescos clubs, as well popular, cafe, bars and corners of all types. I'll start telling them one of the nicest I heard in one of the many bars located in the bird. New Granada Caracas, happened in the sixties (1960), Saturdays two dear friends came to play a game in one of these bars, always against the same people two Lords (old folks 70 to 80 years), were family, very decent and educated, imagine you that was played every 100 many Marist normal for BS 5 flip-flops to Bs. 10, and Zapatero to Bs. 15, also played in the match half bottle of Scottish (Ancestor), missing whiskey I have many years that I do not see in the market, some of the case was that everytime presented you the Tranca to one of the old folks commented "when one is presented a Tranca and not be" "you can throw, it is that the opponents are higher," the truth is that they have gone several decades (6) and is maintained as an axiom comment so wise that these gentlemen pronounced as two beautiful and sweet way grandparents.

This another anecdote that I am going to narrate, happened in the defunct Club of the Curracos, which had its headquarters in Caracas, main avenue of the rose at the head of a source of Soda and much fame in Caracas restaurant (still exists), to better illustrate remained next to the trumpets of Mexico and later this Club of the Curracos became the "car of Isidore", well were the age of 68 and 69, every Wednesday played cocks between attendees and winners received prizes in the metal and score accumulated for the monthly rankings, which also featured Prize in metallic at the end of each month, good for make the short story, 4 a.m. closed the business, because we went to the courtyard behind the House and on empty soft drink crates improvise a table placing newspapers on top and the other crates us served as chairs, we did this all on Wednesdays of the month, then played rotated cock of four and called it Triple Crown and these players had to be good not playing with Cojas leg" pure closure of the Miuras", this comment so I refer as the "Domino passion", IE we always want more and more of this wonderful game.

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