domingo, 22 de enero de 2012

Domino Agenda 02 Issue - dated 22/02/2012 written

Wonderful game of the dominoes in pairs
Objectives: Specific and fundamental

Key objectives:
It consists of taking the largest number of so many and avoid may discover one. It is impossible to win all hands, therefore makes a good player, avoids they may discover the greatest number of many, this action applied hereinafter call him "Ambush", i.e. avoiding an ambush by the contrary.

It is also true that in few exceptions an ambush is inevitable, good against that, it is absurd to comment that there is no commentary whatsoever.
In the modern Domino game, ended with that belief to say I'm hand or you're hand, that no longer exists, what exists today is who makes the initiative of the game, no doubt to be and it must be the Fort game of attack and if it is high because with more reason, that do not involve utmost amount and unnecessary risks to run them.

A good player avoids getting into bars or if you should search and gun ambush, this comment do, because I'm tired of seeing as some level players, they get into bars without realizing it, situation totally unacceptable in the game of dominoes.

To this regard tend to say that these players living distracted and have no "Instinct of conservation" and the worst are those who say that safe hand not lock, I'm tired of seeing items that arrive in 98 and 99 goals and lost by not having thrown the reverts at the appropriate time.

Good for now I will give them this last comment the Domino rewards and punishes the good and bad plays, incredible as this situation, I am tired of seeing the Hit after the Error as it is in Base Ball, and I have also seen and made beautiful and fine plays of depth, is dominating hands very difficult to win, after that comes a hand with violin or totally dominant where a good player takes every advantageThis is the prize that the Domino gift precisely to an excellent move.

Specific objectives:
It is not easy to determine objectives or define them clearly, when we are talking about a game that runs on couples, individual growth by nature is completely uneven, however I will define in a way if it even logical, depending on what we are pursuing and we intend to achieve with this Domino workshop:

01.-Acquire, reinforce notions and knowledge, to serve as a strategy to deepen and update the information concepts that allow to optimize the potential of the Domino couples.

02.-These concepts must be implemented, to achieve a greater and better performance in the unfoldment of each hand.

03.-The majority of the players of Domino, disconnect the results of the consequences, without a doubt this is product of the lack of capacity for analysis and lack of awareness in the decisions that must be taken on each play, therefore if the concepts are not well defined, the results will be totally uncertain and harmful.

04.-When we infer in the point above, we hold in those skilled hands as: Malas, catastrophic, Charangos, Horribles, Desastrosas, etc., in order that a good Domino player know since it stands seven stones (7), should therefore be treated vote as many so many and if possible to avoid falling into an ambush of the contrary.

05. Finally I will say, in the game of dominoes in pairs, WINS only one and points are placed for the pair, i.e. for both players, I want to say this, in the Domino avoid rivalries between teammates, all hands players should switch the role of possessive and the recessive, and may exchange this role during the development of the hand, must accompany all the time which have opposite partner if it marks the high game, with more reason.
Until the next installment (02/02/2012).

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