lunes, 24 de enero de 2011

Annual Awards of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD" / Honor of Merit, "As rewarding is the Meritocracy.

Dear Friends, I receive with great pride, satisfaction and great joy, the distinction awarded by the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", on Saturday 01/29/2011 as a result of the associations, athletes and prominent leaders during the Year 2010.

I feel great satisfaction that my dear comrade and Couple League Interclubes Domino and the Domino World Las Vegas, Athlete: WILMER PRADA, receives one of the highest distinctions awarded by the Venezuelan Federation of dominoes "FVD" such as "Athlete of the Year, dear and valued friend, do not know the immense joy I feel with this wise distinction, it was worth not only continue to maintain your own Citizens Exemplary Conduct and your chivalry as ever, but also have succeeded in various competitions involving, in good time dear friend.

I should also note with deep gratitude and pride that the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", grant me to offer the Athlete of the Year, the Honorable Mention, without doubt appreciate this high distinction, receiving this recognition to the satisfaction of met throughout 2010, as an athlete and defender, Preacher and producers of this wonderful game called Mind "Domino".

I should also note the efforts and dedication made by the President of the Association of State Ms. YOLIMAR GUEVARA. Miranda, who crowns the dedication and ongoing effort to receive the distinction of the Female Athlete of the Year and Honorable Mention as State Authority of the Year Association, bravo my in good time dear President, we got several awards for our Association Mirandinos was worth much without flavor and joy, and then rewarded ourselves with so many High Distinctions Congratulations to all.

Women's Honorable Mention, I warmly congratulate the Athlete of the Association of Anzoategui Ms. Arianni FIGUEROA, my most cordial and sincere congratulations to You and your State Association, as well as take this distinction, they take Citation of Honor as the Association of the Year, my sincerest congratulations to my dear friend Mr. NOEL TOVAR, for his outstanding performance throughout 2010.

Association and Manager of the Year, received this distinction Mr. FREDDY JIMENEZ association Amacuro Delta State, who year after year has been preparing the Domino Child, Youth and Adults, has certainly been a famous fighter and worker for Domino not only his state but also from Venezuela, Congratulations Dear Friend, I'll have the pleasure to hold you personally.

I make a very special addition to the distinction awarded by the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD" Paracotos Country Club, for the wonderful welcome they gave us throughout the year 2010, always hoping that this will be repeated for this Year, my most sincere congratulations to the Chairman and members of the Board, and again Thanks for the continued cooperation that have extended the Venezuelan Domino.

Finally end with the phrase "Nobody is prophet in his own country, but both my great friend who writes JULIO BUITRAGO and WILLIAM RIOS FELCE, have been honored by the Venezuelan Federation of Domino" FVD "Person of the Year, in contravention of Thus the famous phrase, my dear July by Column "Domino News", and my person by the written comments on our beloved Blog: which began as an idea in 2008 and we continued on a regular and continuing over the years to receive comments, criticism and praise from 68 countries and all continents of the world, that good when you remember one in the earth, and if it is for even better, thanks Amigos these are the things that make us strive more and more and better.

In the next installment will highlight the remaining Awards will be awarded product of the actions carried out during 2010. Until next time.In the next installment will highlight the remaining Awards will be awarded product of the actions carried out during 2010. Until next time.

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