domingo, 16 de enero de 2011

Miranda Earth Champions / Domino Home Miranda State / Saturday 22.01.2011

Dear Friends, on Saturday 01.22.2011 at the premises of the Sub Club Officers of the Armed Forces, located at the entrance of La Rinconada, will start the first event for the year 2011 of Miranda State, with Individual Tournament "Opening" Male and Female valid for the State Authority Ranking.

In accordance with the provisions of the new regulation of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD" Associations of States, should organize the athletes who will represent their country during the current fiscal year, according to the results that occurred in each Ranking State Authority for the year 2010, which can only participate in the National Championships Federated Circuit Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD" Twelve (12) early in Female Athletes and Men in Partnership State Authority, which have not been among the Twelve (12) first places, but may call on the call that makes the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", a Tournaments and Events which is classified as Powers called "Open", ie, they are exempted from participating in the National Championship.

This initiative of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", seems excessively interesting, since it requires all associations to work internally State Authority overcrowding and debugging of their respective Ranking the States, aiming to achieve for each association, the most genuine representation its pure athletes, particularly not issue about value judgments, however, hailed the new arrangement of "FVD" We hope that the practice of the expected results of this new provision and these are consistent with what achieved. Until the next installment.

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