domingo, 9 de enero de 2011

Domino First Event of the Year 2011 / The Great Caracas Vs Carabobo State Association.

Dear Friends, satisfaction and joy of spending a day really lovely in the House of our dear friend Vincent Rossetti, (Finca Los Cocos, located in the Highlands of Mocundo - Aguirre Carabobo State), in which once but we had the great pleasure of facing in the first game of dominoes for the year 2011 the teams in the Greater Caracas and Carabobo state, full of care by the Host and Organizer (Mr. Marcos Hernández, Víctor Adante, and Ladies Domino Association of Carabobo State and Aura Carcamo Veronica Fernandez), was an event whose conditions were as follows: Twelve (12) athletes for each Club, under the Individual with valid substitutions, where each member would make eleven (11) games, and at the end the best four (04) players from each club will face in the Pairs Final, I tell them that this time the Goddess of Fortune us attended and at last he could win a Domino Exchange Association of Carabobo State, beating the Individual which is excelled: Rina Cruz, Darbesi Pascual, Jorge Luis Arias and Wilmer Prada, winning 08 of the 11 games played subsequently faced the best of each Club Four, repeating the Triumph Gran Caracas, in couples consisting of: Rina Cruz and Jorge Luis Arias and Wilmer and Pascual Prada Darbesi ie won the Individual and Pairs (finally won.).

Following are the names of athletes that formed each Club, the Carabobo State:
Rafael Zambrano. Vincent Rossetti. Elio Belandria, Lester Cardona. Peter Carbone, Hernan Reyes, Adante Victor Hugo Mota, Ernesto Espinal, Marcos Hernandez, Ivan Albert, Hector Ospina, Elda Flores, Veronica Carcamo, Aura Fernandez, Eloisa Pirela, Jose Manuel Ospina, Jose Gregorio Perez, Eduardo Lopez and Gerardo Colina.

Gran Caracas by Members were:
Rina Cruz, Flor Lozada, Judasmín Mata, Yolimar Guevara, Wilmer Prada, Alexander Cordero, Francisco Oyarzábal, Darbesi Pascual, Manuel Antonio Rivera, Jorge Luis Arias, Edgar Rodriguez and William Ríos.

I thank all the Members of the Club of Greater Caracas, where all work with this Trump unobjectionable, but especially to the Ladies Capitalino Domino, which were really brilliant and especially to our beloved Amiga RINA CRUZ, Athlete of prominent Dominoes Anzoátegui State and Member of the Women's National Team, who will strengthen us to complete the eleven (11) players per Club. Rina thanks again.

Finally I will thank the organizers and the host of the meeting, also in a very entertaining act and otherwise sense the end of the event, were given two plates of recognition with the names of each of the players involved, which I received from Host hands Vincent Rossetti, giving it a really lovely memory to our dear friend Rina Cruz, for joining us and for having the best performance by winning the Women's Individual Competition and Event Pairs.

Finally, I note a really beautiful thought I sent Ms. Veronica Carcamo, Lady Domino Association of Carabobo State and Member of the organizing committee, which reads:

"TIME" is the most precious treasure that we have because it is limited. You can make more money, but no longer. When we devote time to a person, you are giving a portion of our lives that we can never recover, our time is our life. THE BEST GIFT you can give someone is your time and ALWAYS gives him the family or a friend. May God fill you with blessings.

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