sábado, 1 de enero de 2011

Starting the Dominoes in Venezuela - Happy Year 2011

Domino began Venezuelan / Happy Year 2011 Venezuela and the world of Dominocistas, I choose this beautiful day to address you for the wonderful coincidence that today is the day that more A century has on the date (1/1/11), and so I wanted to be the first to inform you all, the details of the Venezuelan Domino.

Dear friends again with all of you, I have the pleasure to announce that Venezuela starts Dominoes on Saturday 08/01/2011 and we will have the great honor of returning to the facilities for rest and tranquility of our dear friend Vincenzo Rossetti, located in Senior Population Bejuma in Carabobo state, warning that this time we will go as Domino Team Challenged by the Carabobo State noting that this time we will go as Domino Team Challenged by the State of Carabobo, the idea of confronting both teams (Gran Caracas and Carabobo), is the result of ongoing jokes we do every time we find throughout the Territory National playing the "Circuit federations" of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD" where we are always challenging, of course, are always funny jokes from both sides.

Also warn them that the equipment will be composed of twelve (12) participants each, playing for Team individually during the race, so you start the Domino Organized in Venezuela, with the confrontation of the Great State Authority Vs Carabobo Caracas , where surely be having a really lovely picnic as we have Organizers used the dear friends Gentlemen: Marcos Hernandez, Victor Adante and extraordinary Host Vincenzo Rossetti, and I will report the results to happen.

I would also inform the Venezuelan Collective Dominocistas, which on Saturday 30/01/2011 in the Country Club Facilities Paracotos the State of Miranda, will start the circuit states of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", with Tournament "Opening" Major Category, Open Pairs mode, so from now I invite you to get programming from attendance at this event, where besides the computations start of what will be the "National Rankin 2011", will be awarded the Athletes, Leaders, Associations, People and Business Partner of Venezuelan Domino, who stood along the 2010, so do not miss it.

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