viernes, 28 de enero de 2011

Domino inclusion as a demonstration sport in the Caribbean Series / City of Mayagüez Commonwealth of Puerto Rico 2011.

Dear Friends, I welcome my dear friend Mr. Lucas Guittard, President of the International Domino Federation "FID", the premiere of the incorporation of Domino in the Caribbean Series and exhibition games, will tell you about this is one of the great ideas materialized by the "FID", it also reported that the way it is designed is extremely interesting, and will face each other the players and the leaders of the countries invited, then copy them verbatim received the News from the President of the "FID."

INCLUSION OF SPORT EXHIBITION domino in SERIE DEL CARIBE, under the full responsibility of the International Domino Federation (IDF), presided over by Mr. Lucas Guittard and Manuel Oquendo in what corresponds to its logistics and organization, in collaboration with the Federation NATIONAL PUERTO RICO, chaired by Mr. Manuel Acevedo.

International Domino Federation (IDF) with headquarters in Orlando, FL.

Develop, promote and share among professional baseball players competing in the SERIE DEL CARIBE, as well as managers of their esteemed league, in the practice of this sport with the principles of:

• Dedication
• Ambition and
• Determination

In the hard work of leaving a legacy of pride and awareness of sports among the talented
Professionals and leaders of the Caribbean ball.

Game play:
Shall be based on the Regulations of the International Domino Federation (IDF) with the assignment of two international referees FID.

Modality: Couples to 3 games to 200 as many c / u.
Baseball stadium in the city of Mayaguez.

My best wishes for this wonderful initiative culminates with all the expected hits, again my heartfelt congratulations to my dear friend Mr. Lucas Guittard and accompanying equipment, timely inform them of the results. Until the next installment.

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