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Annual Message of the President of the International Domino Federation "FID" / Year 2011.

Dear friends, my best wishes for this New Year 2011, fill them with good health to continue seeing and playing this wonderful game of mind called "Dominoes."

I'll start my first letter, with honors that gives the power to bring the entire community Dominocistas to International, the premiere of the Annual Message of the President of the International Domino Federation "FID" expressed by my beloved and dear Friend Mr . LUCAS Guittard, who has had the delicacy and care to send their most sincere expressions of affection and friendship of Mind Game, which currently is considered the game of majority and who day after day is recognized in all corners of the world's nations.

I also take this opportunity to express to my dear friend Luke, my highest considerations of appreciation and friendship, as I will be emphatic in this sense: Lucas during your tenure as head of the International Domino Federation "FID", as its President, International Domino grew, how you've conducted over time, has certainly been exemplary, always bordering the margin of excellence and style that wonderful things that make always ends well, I must also acknowledge the team that accompanies you, the constant willingness to conduct actions dignity inherent in this wonderful game of Mind, hopefully there Reelection because I believe you should take back the presidency of the FID.

Good Friends, then quote the President's Annual Message "FID".

President's Annual Message
Caracas, January 2011.

In this way we have called, because our sport dignified, exalted the adjective, promotes the strengthening of sport skills. It allows us human exchange, knowledge of other cultures, other customs and other world view.

It's an exchange of knowledge, friendship and companionship, which is the seed for expansion and mass Domino Sport and international integration.

I believe in particular that, in culture and choice of locations worldwide, the FIFA president Sepp Blatter has continued to the north of the IDF in 2009, Domino's World Cup was hosted in Russia and this year, Costa Rica and Abkhazia. FIFA chose to Brazil in 2014 and Russia in 2018. We are the promoters, in a few years, the diversification of global locations ...!

To meet our principles of dedication, ambition and determination, FID democratically elect its new Board of Directors for 4 years (Olympic cycle) on Tuesday June 7, 2011, coinciding with the 9th World Domino Championship IDF: For Couples and Single, to be held from 6 to 10 June in San Jose Costa Rica. The Electoral Commission is composed of Prof. Efraín Velásquez (VENEZUELA), President, Mr Edgar Wong (PANAMA), Secretary General and Mr. Manuel Acevedo (PUERTO RICO), vocal.

Our highest praise and gratitude to the countries that achieved the status of sport, achieved through hard and meritorious work done by their respective Federations: Abkhazia, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic are on track this year: Jamaica, Costa Rica, St. Petersburg, Catalonia, Andalucia, Colombia, allowing further appreciation in order to enter the Olympic arena (IOC) and allow each Federation may have the support and backing of the Sporting Bodies of each country.

We have built a culture of success and growth virtuous to Face Competitive Dominoes therefore reiterate this auspicious year, the most cordial affection and sports to our athletes, officials and delegates, as well as the Sporting Bodies of nations attached to FID.

Lucas Guittard,
FID President

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